Write For Your Administrative Law Section Blog

By Ann B. Wall

As the new NCBA year is underway, we invite you to submit articles for the Administrative Law Section Blog. Send proposed articles to this year’s Communications Committee Chair, Ann Wall, at awall@sosnc.gov. And, please consider joining the committee.

Our readers may be new to the Section or to administrative law.  Or they may be long-time and expert practitioners.  In addition, our blog posts will be available to attorneys who are members of other sections of the NCBA.

We are looking for articles about:

  • Administrative law basics
  • Recent cases and case law at any level (local to federal government, ALJ to US Supreme Court)
  • Other areas of the law that intersect with administrative law, e.g., criminal law
  • State and federal legislation under consideration
  • Practice tips for the agencies, boards and commissions relevant to administrative law, including the “don’t do” variety of tips
  • Information and news about the agencies, boards and commissions in the administrative law field
  • Essays, opinions and pondering on the practice, substance, ethics and quirks of administrative law
  • Pro and Con for a single administrative law topic
  • Recent third party articles of potential interest, that you run across and that may be interesting or helpful to your peers
  • Administrative law topics for which we need research or information
  • Book reviews
  • Introduction to Administrative Law Judges, administrative law professors, etc.
  • Any other articles related to administrative law that you would like to write.

And, if it is not covered by the list of possible topic areas above, feel free to propose another area for topics.