What Language Does Your Law Firm Speak?

By Chelsea Gajewski

One of the beautiful things about this Country is all of the unique individuals who live in it. While the most common language in America is English, there are individuals who speak other languages who need our services as family law attorneys. We want the family law community to be as accessible to those individuals as we are to those who speak English. After English, the most common languages spoken in North Carolina are Spanish, French, and German. With that being said, the Membership Committee has created a survey for law firms who practice in the area of family law. The survey includes questions that will help us to identify which legal professionals have the ability to assist non-English speaking clients through their domestic case. If you or someone at your firm speaks a language other than English, we want to know! Ultimately, once we collect this information, we intend to provide a comprehensive list on the NCBA website as a resource for those clients who are seeking domestic help and for whom English is not their first language. The link to the survey is here.

If you have an idea of a different resource list that should be available on the NCBA website for our domestic clients, please e-mail me at cgajewski@sodomalaw.com.

Thank you

Chelsea Gajewski