We’ve Only Just Begun …

By Angela P. Doughty

While my daughter’s focus is already on the end of 2018 (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – oh my!), my year of serving as the Intellectual Property Law Section Chair has only just begun. I am very much looking forward to my year as chair, and I encourage all members to reach out with any ideas, suggestions, or questions.

Our CLE Committee Chairs are already in the process of planning our Annual Meeting scheduled for April 5, 2019, in Charlotte. We will be partnering with the Sports & Entertainment Law Section to provide diverse CLE program options.  As always, we will have a Section networking event the evening before and invite everyone to join us.

We have also scheduled our Tri-City Lunch event for Feb. 7, 2019, in Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte. The specific meeting and lunch locations are to be determined, but please save the date and plan to join us for either the meeting, lunch, or both.

Our Section continues to thrive and is able to offer varying programs and participation options to its membership thanks to the engaged and dedicated executive committee, council members and committee chairs.  Please consider making our Section even stronger by becoming involved in one of its committees by contacting me or one of the committee chairs listed below.



Advisory Council of Past Chairs

David Sigmon (david@mullinaxpatent.com)

Biotech & Chemical Patents

Jennifer Giordano-Coltart


Jacob Moore (jake.moore@wbd-us.com)


Leon Cain (leon.cain@olivelawgroup.com)

Erica Rogers (ebrogers@wardandsmith.com)

Dan Becker (Danbeckr@gmail.com)


Shawna Lemon (sclemon@wardandsmith.com)

David Bradin (DavidBradin@andrewskurth.com)

EE/Computer Software

Bentley Olive (bjolive@olivelawgroup.com)

Phil Weinstein (PLWeinstein@wardandsmith.com)


Angela Doughty (apd@wardandsmith.com)

Home Page

Blake Hurt (blake.p.hurt@gmail.com)


Lance Lawson (llawson@mcnair.net)


Darrell Fruth (dfruth@smithlaw.com)

Will Cannon (willcannon@parkerpoe.com)

IP Litigation

Rick Matthews (rmatthews@williamsmullen.com)

Lance Lawson (llawson@mcnair.net)

Publication Newsletter

Erin Wills (erincwills@gmail.com)

Lauren Anderson



David Sigmon (david@mullinaxpatent.com)

Angela Doughty (apd@wardandsmith.com)


Julia Kim (jkim@oliveandolive.com)

Seth Hudson (shudson@worldpatents.com)

Patent Law

Lyle Gravatt (lyle.gravatt@forrestfirm.com)

Ryan Simmons (rks@wardandsmith.com)

Pro Bono


Anthony DeRosa (ADeRosa@myersbigel.com)

David Sigmon (david@mullinaxpatent.com)

Trademark/ Copyright/

Trade Secrets

Art DeBaugh (ADeBaugh@belldavispitt.com)

Maury Tepper (mtepper@teiplaw.com)

In House Counsel

Scott Mayhew (scott.mayhew@zoetis.com)

Young Lawyers Division Liaison

Erica Rogers (ebrogers@wardandsmith.com)

On behalf of the Section, I would like to thank David Sigmon for his service as chair during the past year. David has done an excellent job and will continue to provide advice and guidance as a member of the Section’s executive committee.

Thank you for your membership in, and support of, the Intellectual Property Law Section. I look forward to working with you!