Welcome to the New Professional Wellness Committee

Helping Lawyers Stay Healthy, From Law School Through Retirement

Sarah Nagae

Julie Beavers

By Sarah Nagae and Julie Beavers

One of NCBA President Jackie Grant’s points of focus for this bar year is making sure that lawyers of all ages and stages of practice have the information and support they need to take care of themselves, as well as their clients. To that end, we are happy to introduce the newly formed Professional Wellness Committee.

Under Jackie’s direction, the Transitioning Lawyers Commission (TLC) and the Lawyer Effectiveness & Quality of Life Committee (LEQL) have merged into one group, named the Professional Wellness Committee (PWC).  Julie Beavers and Sarah Nagae are honored and excited to serve as co-chairs of the PWC.  Julie comes from the Transitioning Lawyers’ side, having been an active member of the TLC for the past several years.  Sarah has a background in the wellness field and has spoken at many NCBA annual meetings and other CLE events on attorney health and mindfulness.

In our inaugural meeting in September, we set a goal of seeing through a quality of life survey of North Carolina lawyers initiated by the Lawyer Effectiveness & Quality of Life Committee. We will also carry on the work of the TLC to help lawyers who may be experiencing cognitive difficulty find the right support and resources and to continue to educate attorneys on the important topics of succession planning, sale of practice and planning for retirement. The Committee also set new goals to develop and present programs focusing on attorney wellness from law school through retirement.

For more information about the Professional Wellness Committee, please contact Sarah Nagae at snagae@nexsenpruet.com, Julie Beavers at jbeavers@lawyersmutualnc.com or our NCBA liaison, Holly Morris at hmorris@ncbar.org.