Welcome To the Family Law Blog For 2018-19

Ketan P. Soni, Communications Co-chair

This year, your Family Law Section Communications Committee Chairs intend to put some structure into blog posting to show the rest of the NCBA that the Family Law Section is where to look for model behavior. Let’s face it: We kind of “win” against most other sections, right?

What is blogging? It’s the “new” newsletter. We just had the Family Law Section Annual Meeting with the theme “Brave New World: Is the Future of Family Law Utopian, Dystopian or Somewhere in Between?” We are attempting to live those (utopian) ideals by moving toward providing more frequent information from and about the section. In any event, here’s the map:

Jessica Heffner, Communications Co-chair

Point A: Appellate Case Summaries

We will get some fresh blood in to provide great case summaries on what’s going on at the N.C. Court of Appeals and N.C. Supreme Court on anything that impacts us. If you want in and a byline, contact Section Communications Co-chairs Jessica Heffner, Ryan Schultz or Ketan Soni. Rest assured that if you don’t, we plan to contact some of you first.

Point B: The Listserv

When some great question gets posted on the listserv, we intend to keep our radar “online” to turn those questions into interesting blog posts that are useful to the entire section, not just those of us who pay attention to the listserv.

Ryan Schultz, Communications Co-chair

Point C: Our Leadership

You will get posts from our excellent leaders of the Family Law Section approximately once per quarter. You won’t want to miss what they have to say.

Point D: Podcasts, baby!

You “heard” right. Podcasts. Your Section Communications Co-chairs will take on the daunting task of creating the first one to see how things go. We’ll talk about the tax changes coming up in 2019 from the government’s perspective. It’s more than just alimony, folks. Next year, you’ll hear about the new CS Guidelines becoming effective in January 2019.

Those are our deliverables. If you want to help us, jump right in by sending us an email.

Thanks for reading,

The Blog Post Committee People Formerly Known As the Technology Committee