Welcome to the Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Section Blog!

By Brooks Rainey Pearson

Starting a few years ago, the Bar Association began to offer each Section the chance to move its newsletter content online to its own Section blog page. This year we decided to make that transition. We hope that a digital option will allow for faster, more robust sharing of information.

A huge thank you to Amber Nimocks at the Bar Association, and to our 2018-2019 communications co-chairs, Laura Truesdale, Hayes Finley, and Matt Tynan for making this transition happen.

Laura, Hayes, Matt and I would love your help with blog content. Do you have a (non-CLE) event coming up that would interest our Section members? Did you see an article on another Section’s blog that you think our section would appreciate? Is there an interesting bill making its way through the legislature, or an interesting court opinion that you would like to share? We want to hear from you.  Submissions can be sent to any of the communications co-chairs.

We will be rolling out the winners of the most recent sustainability essay contest in the coming weeks to get the ball rolling. Let us know what you think!

Brooks Rainey Pearson
2018-2019 EENR Section Chair