Welcome to the Dispute Resolution Blog!  Goodbye, Old School. Hello, Smart and Sassy!

By Nancy Black Norelli

Big, big shoes to fill!

I am excited to be a part of our inaugural blog that replaces the old-school Peacemaker, which served us well for decades.  We are blessed with two fantastic editors who will edit and procure articles and launch us into this modern, easy, sassy way to communicate. Please send your ideas or proposed blog to our Blog Co-Editors Tara Muller (tara@mullerlawfirm.com) or Kate Deiter Maradei (kate@deitermediation.com).

Ron and Nancy Norelli and LeAnn Nease and Gordon Brown celebrate a great year at the NCBA Annual Meeting in Wilimington.

Wonderful news!  Our Section has produced an NCBA president-elect! Please join me in congratulating LeAnn Nease Brown (lnease@brownandbunch.com). She promises to be an outstanding president as her participation at the NCBA includes chairing three sections, the formidable CLE Committee and a host of other committees and projects. The breadth of her knowledge and true affection for our profession and her compassion and astute judgment will propel the NCBA to new heights as challenges and opportunities are addressed.

That said, I have Big, Big shoes to fill and I can only do it with your help!  Please consider:

  • Joining a committee,
  • Helping increase membership – just get one colleague to join
  • Participating in a pro bono project
  • Joining us in my town, Charlotte, for the Section Annual Meeting in March, or
  • Sharing your wisdom on this blog!

Hats off to our Arbitration Committee Co-Chairs Catherine Arrowood (cbarrowood@parkerpoe.com) and George Doyle (attydoyle@mindspring.com), who have planned our first ever International Arbitration Seminar to be held at the Bar Center on Oct. 19 preceded by a networking dinner on Oct. 18. Topics covered include ethics, conflicts and cultural issues in the conduct of international arbitration hearings and the attendant public policy problems that can arise. Program also includes an overview of enforcement and collection of international arbitral awards in both federal and state courts. See you there!

Council Meetings are open to all members, and our next is Aug. 23, 11 a.m at the Bar Center in Cary.

Peace and Blessings,

Nancy Black Norelli