Want To See the Future Of Law Practice? Attend a Tech Conference

92decfde1d6e83f6737cd5c251d83103By Pegeen Turner

I recently returned from the Clio Conference in Chicago. Clio is cloud-based practice management software for law firms. But, don’t stop reading this post just because your firm does not use Clio or the cloud. This post is pertinent to you as long as you continue to practice law in 2016.

The Clio Conference offers more than just information on a product. It is a conference on the future of law. Unlike any other legal technology conferences that I have attended, the Clio Conference exposes attendees to technology used in other law firms today (read – your competitors). From AI (artificial intelligence) to online intake processes, and practice specific technology, firms are moving their data online. Today. Clio brings together a wealth of resources under one roof to show you the direction of where your firm should be moving.

Law firms are moving to the cloud. Big firms and small firms are already there – even if you choose not to go. It is where your clients are working and where businesses are moving, and your firm needs to be there to meet your clients – today and tomorrow.

The technology landscape changes every day and this change is not slowing down. The past decade has shown us how companies and law firms need to adapt to changing technology. Google and Amazon are not resting on their laurels, but they are analyzing their data, trying to stay ahead of their competitors and preparing for the future. Are you?

Legal technology conferences are a peek into the future of law. They can show you how to practice in 2016 and meet the needs of your firm by leveraging technology to save time, bill more or get to that 6 p.m. baseball game on time. From how to run your practice as a business to the tools to use to make you more efficient or mobile, the attendees of the Clio Conference did not see this conference as a waste of time, but an investment in the future of their firm.

We will have our own version of a legal technology conference in May 2017 when the NCBA’s Center for Practice Management hosts its inaugural STAMP conference on May 18 and 19 at the Bar Center in Cary.

The STAMP conference will take place over two days with multiple tracks, including a focus on start-up technology and practice management. It will feature 12 hours of innovative and practical CLE credit and will be done in partnership with the NCBA’ s Law Practice Management and Technology Section. While you may not think of yourself as a startup firm, you could benefit from the technology and insight into how firms are leveraging technology today. You might find that your firm would benefit from a “reboot” to act like a start-up again. The technology and practice management pieces of this conference will cut across all practice areas, so it will have something for everyone. Mark your calendar now to attend.

You may also want to consider attending the next Clio Conference. In 2017, the conference will move from Chicago to New Orleans on September 25 and 26. You have more than a year to work this conference into your busy schedule and New Orleans is not a bad place to be in September. If you are interested in taking a look at Clio as an option for your firm, Clio has a partnership with the NCBA and is included as a member benefit of the NCBA. You can find more information here.

In the end, Clio may or may not be the right product for your firm as practice management software. But, the product and the Clio Conference and the upcoming STAMP Conference can give you an idea of where the future of legal is headed. You might learn how to:

·       Move your practice forward.

·       Take advantage of new technology.

·       Find out what tools others firms (just like yours) are using to make their practice better, more efficient and more profitable.

I look forward to seeing you there.