VA Seeks Comments On Its Family Caregiver Program

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers provides support to individuals whose assistance enables seriously injured veterans to remain in their homes and communities.  Although initially limited to the caregivers of post 9/11-veterans, legislation recently extended potential eligibility to the caregivers of all eras.  The criteria for participation is still complex, however, as is the evaluation of the services to be rendered under the program. Potential benefits for caregivers include a stipend for providing personal care services, training, counseling, access to healthcare, and mental health services.  The VA is currently seeking comments regarding the program.

The VA’s request for comments focuses on determining the level of need for personal care services and extending the services provided to include legal and financial services.  Those wishing to review the request for comments can visit the Federal Register website here. The deadline for comments is Dec. 12, 2018.

[1] See 38 CFR § 71.20.