The Power of Books: The Creation of a Law Office Library

By R. Maria Hawkins

In October, I organized a local event in Raleigh after falling in love with the book, Mommy Lawyer.  As a mom of an energetic 19-month old, I was all too familiar with the guilt of missing out on parts of his life due to a busy litigation schedule.  Once I read Molly’s book I knew that this powerful message needed to be highlighted and celebrated. Molly’s book highlights the real-life struggles many lawyers face, including missing out on big moments, class parties, or getting home after bedtime.

I came across this book when looking for books for my office library for my clients and their children.  Below is a list of children’s books that may be a good start for your office library!

As family lawyers, we walk the path of being an attorney and a counselor. All too often our clients bring to us experiences that we see routinely. Even though we attempt to use our experience to appease their worries, sometimes clients need a little more support. Books are a great way to provide the additional support to our clients. Please respond to this blog with your favorite books for separating families so that we all can increase our libraries.