Thank You, NCBA Members For All You Do; This Turkey Day Poem Is Just For You

By Josh McIntyre, NCBA Membership Director

The leaves are turning colorful shades

Of orange and red and more.

And it’s always around this time of year

I think of what I am thankful for.


As always I’m glad my family and friends

Put up with my antics and quirks,

But I am also extremely grateful

For quite a few things at work:


Counting down from number five

I often share with excited inflection

I’m thankful that 70 percent of our members

Join one of our 31 Sections.


Number four involves pro bono

Now printed but first written with quills.

I’m thankful this year our YLD

Provided local heroes with over 700 wills.


And most of my fellow attorneys

Can probably relate to number three.

That’s because I am thankful that we offer

The vast majority of our state’s CLE.


A close second to first are Member Events

Where we gather for shows and tailgates.

Just last week over 200 folks came out

To watch football between Wake Forest and State.


And finally rounding out my list

At a merry and festive number one,

I’m thankful over 130 fellow members to-date

Have signed up for our Ugly Sweater 5k Run!

Happy Thanksgiving!