Sustainers Give More Because They Understand the NCBA’s True Value

By Brandon Robinson

Each year, the NCBA recognizes Sustainers, members who voluntarily pay twice the amount of their requisite membership dues. These funds support the NCBA’s mission of public service and strengthen the community of lawyers and jurists who are its core supporters.

Sustainers have been around since at least 1994. Until now, it has been a small group compared to the entire membership.  Each July, when NCBA members receive their renewal notices, they have the option of becoming a Sustainer by checking the appropriate box and paying twice the normal amount of the renewal invoice.


As we prepare for the 2018-19 bar year, I encourage all of my colleagues to strongly consider supporting the NCBA at the Sustainer level. Click here to renew your membership and become a Sustainer.

Being a sustainer means a lot to me because it helps the NCBA plan more strategically for the long term. Investing in the largest voluntary community of lawyers and jurists in North Carolina gives me much satisfaction.  ‘Seeking liberty and justice’ is the noblest calling a lawyer or jurist can pursue, but that ideal is not self-executing.  Being a Sustainer is just one small way in which I try to bridge the gap between ideal and reality.

More NCBA Sustainers Share Their Reasons For Giving

I am a Sustainer because I believe in the mission of NCBA: service to the public and the profession by promoting the administration of justice and the highest standards of integrity, competence and civility in the profession. I sustain because I believe in the best of what we can be and the good we can influence as a profession.

LeAnn Nease Brown




Since 1899, the North Carolina Bar Association has brought together a “band of brothers and sisters” in our profession. Its foundation is anuncommon spirit  of volunteerism, a conviction that we are stronger for joining together to engage myriad causes and challenges essential to enhancing the role of lawyers serving our state’s citizens.  Our members move to each project with no allegiance to a political party or partisan body.  As volunteers, we are free to advocate for causes we choose:  safeguarding the independence of our judiciary, providing legal services to indigents in civil cases, and promoting reforms to our civil and criminal justice systems — to name but three.  I am most grateful for the fellowship, friendship, and collegiality extended to me throughout my membership in this Association.  Investing in the Association through sustainer dues hardly matches the dividends I have received year after year.

R. “Buddy” Wester


I have received more benefit from my involvement with the North Carolina Bar Association than I can ever repay in this life.  Paying double dues is but a small expression of my appreciation for all the NCBA has done for the betterment of the lawyers of this state, the citizens of this state and for me personally.

Henry “Hank” P. Van Hoy II