Student Spotlight On Lauren Eddings

The Student Relations Committee serves as the bridge between the Paralegal Division and the students enrolled in paralegal programs across the state.  The Committee would like to shine the spotlight on Lauren Eddings, a paralegal student at Coastal Carolina Community College.

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Mrs. Eddings discusses pursuing her interest while finding balance with her family life and work. 

The law has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. After receiving my Associates in Arts degree in 2010, I realized that I wanted more for myself. When I discovered that Coastal Carolina Community College offered a paralegal program, I knew I had to enroll. But as a wife, mom and full-time employee that means the balancing of school, work and family life is a constant challenge. Many days I sit and think to myself “How am I going to make it through?” To ensure that I am not losing out on quality family time, I use my one-hour lunch break as well as a couple of hours after my daughter goes to sleep to work on assignments. As for school, my instructors have been simply amazing.  Experiencing their passion for the paralegal field makes me that much more excited for my future possibilities.  My current interests are in family law and/or working in a corporate law firm setting. I can’t wait to gain more knowledge in my classes to come.