Spotlight On Paralegal Student Felicia Atkinson

The Student Relations Committee serves as the bridge between the Paralegal Division and the students enrolled in paralegal programs across the state. The committee would like to shine the spotlight on Felicia Atkinson, a paralegal student at Pitt Community College. Ms. Atkinson has a Bachelor of Science in Finance with a minor in Accounting.

Ms. Atkinson discusses what she enjoys most about the program and the benefits the paralegal program can offer to other professionals.

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Pitt Community College has a Paralegal Technology program that accommodates students and working professionals interested in the area of law. My favorite courses are those that develop my skills in writing briefs and performing legal research. When listening to the news or reading the local newspapers, I find myself applying what I have learned from my courses. Truly, law is a living and breathing entity that is ever evolving. I look forward to combining my finance and accounting background with a law degree in the future.   Also, the program is ideal for science and engineering graduates in the local area to become patent agents. I have shared with friends, who are registered nurses, that a Paralegal Technology degree from Pitt Community College will add value to their career by providing them the foundation to become legal nurse consultants.