Sports & Entertainment Law Section Articles of Interest (October 2019)

Members of the Sports & Entertainment Law Section found the following recent third party articles to be of potential interest to the Section:

That’s So Punny! Trademark Rights in Puns and Wordplay

We Got The Beet: Trademark Claims and Puns

Lessons from Antonio Brown’s Dismissal: Don’t Fumble the Morals Clause

‘The Slants’ Founder Explains Trademark Victory Over All-Asian Band Name

From Forever 21 to FC Barcelona, a Look at adidas’ History of 3-Stripe Legal Fights

What’s in a name? Liverpool FC withdraw applications for “Liverpool” trade marks

Hamilton Spat Shows Challenge in Carving Copyrights From History

UPDATE: New York Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness Bill Amended (Again)

The Number of States Supporting Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness Rights Continues to Grow

New Jersey Joins the Growing Number of States Seeking to Create Name, Image and Likeness Rights for Student Athletes in Direct Defiance of Current NCAA Bylaws

NCAA Board of Governors Approves Policy Permitting College Athletes to Benefit From Use of Name, Image, and Likeness

NCAA Clears Way for Athletes to Earn Endorsement Money

NCAA board approves athlete compensation for image, likeness