Articles of SEL Interest (August 2020)

Members of the Sports & Entertainment Law section (“SEL”) found the following recent third-party articles to be of potential interest to Section members. Feel free to reach out to the Communications Co-chairs (Kelly Ryan and Jourdan Williams) if you would like to submit either personally written pieces or other third-party articles found that would be of interest to SEL members.

  1. NBA players boycott? Why ‘boycott’ is not the correct term
  2. Sources: Michael Jordan voice of reason during NBA owners meeting
  3. Instagram Sharing Rights At Center of Photographer’s Legal Battle
  4. Recent Attempts To Reclassify Daily Fantasy Sports As Sports Gambling Could Hurt Industry’s Bottom Line
  5. Could Big Ten winter football season result in TV money windfall? Q&A with sports law expert
  6. IRS Memo: Daily Fantasy Sports Are Wagers Subject to Excise Taxes
  7. Nicki Minaj Warns Experimentation at Stake in Tracy Chapman Copyright Suit
  8. Managing Coronavirus in the NBA: A Success Story
  9. Senators to Introduce Additional Federal Legislation Regarding Collegiate Student-Athletes
  10. College Football’s Fractured Landscape Keeps Lawyers Busy
  11. When does my game fall within the scope of COPPA?
  12. What can I do if someone has copied my game?
  13. Fortnite banned from Apple and Google app stores — and developer Epic sues
  14. New Cost-Efficient Copyright Registration Option for Influencers and Bloggers
  15. To Embed or Not to Embed?: A New Challenge to Embedding Images From Social Media