Section CLE on Election Law, Campaign Finance, Redistricting and Related Issues is a “Must-Attend”

By Tom Segars

Are you keeping track of recent developments in North Carolina election law, campaign finance, gerrymandering litigation, and legislative redistricting?  If so, you know that merely following the news on these subjects could become a full-time job.

The Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities Section cordially invites you to take a deeper dive into these pressing issues at its December 13 Annual Section Meeting and CLE: Election Law, Money and Regulation in the Land of Fake News, Hyperpartisanship and the Twittersphere.  Come and learn from a uniquely knowledgeable group of lawyers, policy consultants, regulators, and legislators working on the front lines.

Links to the full program agenda and registration pages are set out below.  We hope to see you there!