Permanent Home for NC Rules of Appellate Procedure on NC Courts Webpage

By Gregg F. Schwitzgebel III

Please know there is now a dedicated page on the North Carolina Courts website for the N.C. Rules of Appellate Procedure:

On this page, one has access to an up-to-date codification (7 January 2019 version, attached) of the Rules, as well as to slip orders that have yet to be published in the North Carolina Reports.

The Supreme Court’s Office of Administrative Counsel seeks to continuously update this codification to incorporate new amendments ordered by the Supreme Court, so that there will be consistent access to a current set of the Rules.

In addition to the direct link above, the page can be manually accessed through the website as follows:

Home > Courts > Supreme Court > Court Rules > North Carolina Rules of Appellate Procedure

Home > Courts > Court of Appeals > Court Rules > North Carolina Rules of Appellate Procedure

Our Section thanks the Office of Administrative Counsel for bringing this exciting new development to fruition.