2019-2020 NCBA Paralegal Division Survey Results

By Mollie Schwam, Jennifer Smith-Sutphin, and Tina Thacker

Under the leadership of the 2019-2020 North Carolina Bar Association’s Paralegal Division (NCBA PD) and former Chair, Leslie Pegram, the 2019 Survey Committee was formed. The 2019 Survey Committee was composed of NCBA PD Council Members Mollie Schwam and Jennifer Smith-Sutphin, Co-chairs, and Tina Thacker. The goal of the survey was to build upon the results of the previous survey (the last survey was completed in 2010) and to share the general composition of the NCBA paralegal community. The survey covers credentials, practice areas, and other information, which may be of interest to the paralegal community. While the original survey included questions regarding compensation and benefits, those results have been omitted from final publication at the request of the NCBA; otherwise, survey results are presented here in the original form.

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