Paralegal Memories:  My Favorite Class

By Kimberly Johnson

Legal Research and Writing was my favorite (required) class at Midlands Technical College.

This Palmetto State institution is well-known for its paralegal program. That’s one reason why I decided to attend and graduate from it. Plus, I wanted to know how my journalism background would stack up in this particular field of study.

Legal Research and Writing was my favorite class.

Why? Quite simply, I enjoy writing, period. My high school newspaper, The Viking, started the ball rolling. It picked up full steam into a full time staff position at a small newspaper after graduating from college. At the Newberry Observer and Florence Morning News, I authored feature articles about a renovated opera house, a local high school basketball team, a Teacher of the Year award and a couple of local elections. Switching gears, I entered the world of technical writing. I explain it this way–I wrote training manuals for accounting software company.

Legal Research and Writing was my favorite class.

Why? I learned the IRAC method (Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion).  I learned about Westlaw and LexisNexis. I learned about researching property deeds and titles. I learned how to locate facts and figures using old and new school techniques.

Legal Research and Writing was my favorite course.

Why?  This class greatly contributed to my legal footprint. The instruction and training gave me the confidence when I tackled research projects and written assignments. The homework and long hours in the library prepared me for the “burning the midnight oil” sessions at work.

As I look back at my education, training and work experiences, I realize that Legal Research and Writing is still my favorite course.