There’s No Place Like Home: Job Searching From an Out-Of-State Law School

2014_Lindquist_-005By Aaron Lindquist

When attending an out-of-state law school, the stress of job searching can make you wish you had the ability to click your heels three times to return home like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz.” As a recent law school graduate and licensed North Carolina attorney, I can say that there are options and ways to ease the stress of job searching from an out state law school. After leaving North Carolina to attend law school in Virginia, I knew that I would need to be intentional with my job search if I wanted to return to North Carolina.

Job Search Options at an Out-of-State Law School

There are four major sources that can be utilized to help ease the stress of job searching from out of state.

Career Services Offices. OK, you got me. This is the easy answer. Yet, I was surprised at how many of my fellow classmates failed to utilize the Career Services office. I had several students tell me that they never set foot in the Career Services Office other than for required events. Do not waste a convenient valuable resource that is included in the price of tuition. Become familiar with your Career Services office and utilize their job bank. I applied to a large number of North Carolina state court clerkships through my Career Services office. Additionally, I found a large number of jobs posted by small firms looking for new attorneys in North Carolina. On a related note, most Careers Services offices have reciprocity agreements with other Career Services offices around the country. If you are not sure that your Career Services office has a reciprocity agreement with a law school in your home state, go ask. You can only improve your chances of getting a job by asking.

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Five Things I Wish I’d Learned In Law School

Omer,DavidThis post originally appeared on the Law Student Division page, where you can find it and more advice for newly minted lawyers.

By David G. Omer

Law school is a strange creature.  You spend three long years sacrificing your sleep, your credit rating, your relationships, and your sanity.  In return, you get the opportunity to take the bar exam and start a career where you get to challenge yourself every day, help countless people, and maybe even make a little money along the way.  As you’ve (hopefully) learned, law school is all about filling your brain with points of law and forcing you to think your way around the gray areas.  For all the substantive information you pick up during your time as a law student, however, there are some important things that get left along the wayside.  As a recently licensed lawyer in North Carolina, I appreciate the opportunity to fill you in on a few things I didn’t learn until I made it out into the “real world.”

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Road Warriors: All-Time Favorite Vietnamese Food In Matthews

By James Walker

Road Warriors is back and is celebrating its 15th anniversary with the new 24th edition. The column, a long-standing feature in the Workers’ Compensation Section newsletter, Course & Scope, focuses on lunch eateries around the state. This special anniversary and celebration of Road Warriors revving up its engines again is devoted to my all-time favorite, Ben Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant. All the tips and comments from our membership have made Road Warriors possible. Please email me at with your favorite lunch stops and they may appear in following editions. If you take a moment to write a review, we’ll put it in the next edition if possible.

Ben Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant

1806 Windsor Square Drive

Matthews, NC 28105

(704) 566-1088

Ben Thanh has been a perennial favorite Asian restaurant in the Charlotte area for many years. And no wonder. The very best of Charlotte’s Vietnamese presence is on display at my all-time favorite restaurant. It’s like a journey through time to another era and to an exotic, mysterious tropical destination.

Ben Thanh’s family owned restaurant has its roots in the former Saigon of then South Vietnam. The culture and food are vastly different from the North, being a tropical region in the Mekong River Delta. The popularity of the flavorful, healthy food from this region has spread wildly around the world, with the beef and rice noodle soup phó having legions of followers.

Phó is seductively simple: rice noodles in an herbal/spiced broth, topped with various cuts of beef in different stages of doneness. When served, the patron garnishes the bowl with Thai basil, lettuce, bean sprouts and cilantro. Hot peppers are optional. Careful here, especially with the little red, nuclear tipped Thai chilies. Try Ben Thanh menu item No. 24 to have phó.



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