Demystifying Paralegal Credentials for Lawyers and Paralegals


By Alicia Mitchell-Mercer

Recently, I overheard a discussion regarding whether attorneys understand the content of paralegal programs and the meaning of the post-nominal certification credentials you increasingly see behind paralegals’ names. One person responded that many fledgling paralegals don’t understand the difference between being certified and having a certificate, so how can attorneys be expected to understand these distinctions. While these issues may not seem pressing, they are important.

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Runner Tim Meigs Proves It’s Never Too Late To Start

As we prepare to celebrate and explore wellness at NCBA Annual Meeting June 20-23, we’d like to introduce some NCBA members who are excelling at living healthy lives in the categories of our meeting theme: Work, Mind, Body and Life. Tim Meigs has a straightfoward approach to physical wellness that has taken him impressive places.

By Russell Rawlings

Tim Meigs wanted to lose some weight before he turned 40, so he started running. By his early 50s, he was winning his age group at the Boston Marathon.

“I started out walking and jogging, mostly on a treadmill, and at some point I did lose a bunch of weight,” said Meigs, who serves as Assistant General Counsel-IP with Becton Dickinson and Co. (BD) in the Research Triangle Park. “But running a marathon was initially just a bucket list thing.
“I had a friend, Dave Beatty, a law school classmate, who had run a marathon. I figured if he could run a marathon then I could too, so I started training for a marathon.”

Find this and more in the May edition of North Carolina Lawyer magazine.

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Checking In: June 10, 2019


David Bradin joins Nexsen Pruet as special counsel for intellectual property law, specializing in pharmaceuticals, petroleum chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biotechnology. Previously Bradin worked as a process development chemist and as an adjunct professor of chemistry.




Two years after winning the Nexsen Pruet Diversity Scholarship in law school, Yolanda Davis joins Nexsen Pruet as an associate attorney of corporate and tax law. Before moving into the legal field, Davis worked as a nonprofit and accounting consultant. She holds a Bachelor of Science in biology, magna cum laude, from Winston-Salem State University, a Master of Science in accountancy from Wake Forest University, and a Juris Doctorate from Campbell University.



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