Checking In: June 10, 2019


David Bradin joins Nexsen Pruet as special counsel for intellectual property law, specializing in pharmaceuticals, petroleum chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biotechnology. Previously Bradin worked as a process development chemist and as an adjunct professor of chemistry.




Two years after winning the Nexsen Pruet Diversity Scholarship in law school, Yolanda Davis joins Nexsen Pruet as an associate attorney of corporate and tax law. Before moving into the legal field, Davis worked as a nonprofit and accounting consultant. She holds a Bachelor of Science in biology, magna cum laude, from Winston-Salem State University, a Master of Science in accountancy from Wake Forest University, and a Juris Doctorate from Campbell University.



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Greg Romeo: Clean, Clever, Custom Comedy

This year’s NCBA Annual Meeting theme is wellness and how legal professionals can achieve it. In preparation for the event, we talked with speakers scheduled to present at Annual Meeting for a series of quick-read Q&As. Click here to find Q&As on Jeena Cho, Laura Mahr, April Harris-Britt and Stan Phelps. Admission to all speaker presentations, including those for CLE credit, is included in registration.

NCBA Annual Meeting registration deadline is June 14.
Greg Romeo, Comedian
Saturday, June 22
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Greg Romeo is a corporate comedian, actor and entertainer from Winston-Salem He has performed in Mexico, New Mexico, Las Vegas, New York and just about everywhere in between. His widely varied client list includes IBM, Wake Forest University and the FBI to name a few. Romeo continues to build on his reputation for delivering clean, clever and creative customized comedy.

Q: Which is more stressful: Being a lawyer or being a comedian trying to entertain lawyers?

A: I’d say being a lawyer trying to entertain comedians is quite stressful. Was that one of the options? I was never good with multiple choice questions.

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Summer Reading: Who Was Tycho Brahe? Why Does It Matter?

A member offers his summer reading list for young lawyers. What would you add? Send your suggested summer reading for lawyers to, and we’ll share with NCBA members.

By James W. Narron

Edmund Burke once admonished us that “People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.” I was recently reminded of that aphorism and the simplicity and elegance of curiosity about things past, old things.

The latch mechanism on the front door of my home has opened and closed and locked that door since 1880. Symptomatic of advanced age, it had become slow and cranky. I was surprised one morning by a bolted assembly and a note telling me to use another door. Dwight Edwards, our friend and general contractor for many years was working on a project for my wife and me and had removed the lock assembly in its entirety and taken it to his shop. I saw him the following day as excited as a child with a new toy, all atwitter to explain to me the locking system used in the 1870s, how it compared to those of today, and what welding and brazing and fabricating he had done the previous evening to make the lock of our ancestors work for us and our posterity.

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