Of Interest: ‘Zootopia’ Case, U2 and ‘The Fly,’ Maine Fantasy Sports Law

Members of the Sports & Entertainment Law Section found the following, recent third-party articles to be of potential interest to the section:

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U2 Seeks Dismissal of “The Fly” Infringement Suit

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Right of Publicity Bill Takes a Dive, for Now

The Grinch That Stole Fair Use? 

Maine Enacts Operator-Friendly Fantasy Sports Legislation

Music Licensing Databases? The Transparency in Music Licensing Ownership Act and ASCAP/BMI

“Thinking Out Loud” About Copyright Infringement (Again)

GMR Offers Commercial Radio 6 Month Extension of Interim License to Play Their Songs

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All Bets Are On in California? The Golden State’s Bid to Legalize Sports Gambling

NCAA’s Statement on Student-Athlete Side Hustle Raises Questions

Video Game Maker Argues “Fair Use” of Images of NBA Player Tattoos

Judge Preska: Widespread Pirating Makes Music Price Fixing Case Unsuitable for Class Treatment

0.44% of NFL Brains