Of Interest: Playwright Wins Copyright Dispute, Board Blows the Whistle, Dickerson v. WB Studio

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Joy in Who-Ville? Playwright Wins Fair Use Copyright Dispute in Parody of “Grinch”

Board Blows the Whistle on Independent Contractor Status for NBA Video Production Crew

Dickerson v. WB Studio Enterprises, Inc., et al.

Can NFL Players be Fired, Disciplined for Protesting During National Anthem?

Mark Ronson Sued For Infringing 80’s Funk “Masterpiece”

Politics in the Workplace: Do NFL Players Have Freedom of Speech To Protest at Games?

Court Holds that Fantasy Sports Companies Did Not Violate Players’ Rights by Using Their Names and Likenesses

Hackers Score Touchdown: NFL Players Association Hit With Data Breach

Doubling (& Tripling) Down on Trademark Protection For Secret Menu Items–In-N-Out v. Smashburger

No “Contract By Tweet” for Plaintiff Who Pitches Movie Idea via Social Media  

Advanced stages of CTE found in Aaron Hernandez’s brain

‘Please don’t make us call your mom,’ Netflix tells pop-up bar owners in cease-and-desist letter  

N.C.A.A. Coaches, Adidas Executive Face Charges; Pitino’s Program Implicated

King’s College Football Coach Sued For Copyright Infringement For Retweeting A Book Page 2 Years Ago

Spectrum Center rebounds after HB2 repeal

Charlotte Hornets could score larger TV deal in 2018

Laurene Powell Jobs buys stake worth around $500 million in DC sports empire

Lawsuit accuses Kmart of copying Halloween banana costume

CBS fires lawyer over Facebook posts calling Vegas shooting victims likely ‘Republican gun toters’

‘Tip of the iceberg’: More charges expected this month in college basketball scandal

New true crime TV series should reopen debate over cameras in the courtroom