“Murder on Birchleaf Drive: Trial Strategy for True Crime Lovers”

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When Meredith Fisher discovered her sister Michelle’s brutally beaten and lifeless body on the floor of the master bedroom she shared with her husband Jason, a quest for justice began—one that would ultimately last 12 years and end in the murder conviction of Jason Lynn Young in a Wake County courtroom.

The compelling story is told in Murder on Birchleaf Drive by Poyner Spruill lawyer and NCBA member Steven B. Epstein.

The Jason Young murder case is also now the focus of a 3-hour CLE program Epstein will present on January 10 at the N.C. Bar Center titled “Murder on Birchleaf Drive: Trial Strategy for True Crime Lovers.

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Though the book is about a heinous crime and resulting criminal trials, the CLE program is not specifically intended for prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. Rather, the program is aimed at attorneys who regularly try cases as part of their law practice—be they family law, personal injury, worker’s comp, bankruptcy, or commercial litigation.

Epstein focuses on the trial strategies and techniques demonstrated by the excellent lawyers on both sides of the Jason Young murder case, using video clips from the courtroom from opening statements, cross-examination of lay and expert witnesses, and closing arguments to highlight effective courtroom strategies and techniques—whatever the subject matter of the case.

Attend the CLE and learn how to put the lessons of the Jason Young case to work for you in your next trial!