Mid-Year Comments from the NCBA SEL Chair

By Brandon J. Huffman

It’s 2020. No longer is that the first line in a sci-fi movie. It’s fact.

With a new calendar year, it also marks another milestone. We are halfway through the bar year. It’s hard to believe my term as chair of the Sports and Entertainment Law Section is half over, but I’m excited about what we’ve done so far and thrilled about the next few months.

The last calendar year was a difficult one for me both personally and professionally. To those of you who know me well, this will not be a surprise. To anyone else: I’m a fairly open book so feel free to ask at the next networking event – let’s get to know each other better. That said, throughout the year, the support of connections that I’ve made – friends, really – through the NCBA and this Section have been invaluable. That includes the NCBA staff.

Without them, this year would have been much, much more difficult. That support wouldn’t have been available to me without a few simple networking events and repeated opportunities to build friendships through the NCBA.

So far this year, we have organized group outings to minor league baseball in Greensboro, virtual reality in Durham, happy hour in Cary and partnered with SLA and others for a college football game. This coming winter and spring, we are working on a joint event with the Corporate Counsel section, a Carolina Hurricanes game, The Racing Attorney Conference returns to Charlotte and more.

Over the next few months, I’d like to ask each of you to consider your role in the Section. At minimum, come enjoy some of these events. Then, there are lots of ways to be more involved. If you’re not already on a committee, join one. At the Section’s annual meeting in April, the Section council will vote on a new slate of officers – maybe one could be you. A committee of us will also recommend to the new chair a new set of committee leaders and new council members. If you have an interest in any of these positions or changing up your role, please reach out to me.