Items of Interest: Start Replying With ‘STOP,’ Armstrong Settles, DJ Khaled Exposed

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New Law Exempts Minor League Baseball Players from Certain Federal Minimum Wage, Overtime Pay Laws

Start Replying with “STOP”

Did NFL Sack Older Security Personnel Based on Age?

PGA Tour Accused of Bias in Firing Gay Worker 

Out of the Woods – the return of Golf’s biggest star and its impact on the sporting world 

McKayla Maroney’s Dark Journey: Olympic Champion, Abused Gymnast

Lance Armstrong Settles Federal Fraud Case for $5 Million 

Examining the Legality of the New College Football Video Game 

Wait, What? NJ Lawmakers Apparently Invented Sports Betting Integrity Fees 

Tech in sports stadia – live sport, and beyond

Gaming Law in Washington State: Court Rules that Virtual Chips are “Things of Value” 

From East Coast to West Coast: Actresses Lose Right of Publicity Cases as Courts Rule in Favor of the First Amendment Rights of Content Creators

Soul’d Out Festival Challenges Coachella’s Demand for Noncompete Clause Despite Sold Out Shows

Another Legal Update From the NAB Convention – FCC to Look at the KidVid Rules in a Formal Proceeding Soon  

Anthony Lupo & Richard Brand: What Retailers Can Learn from Sports Naming Rights & Sponsorship Deals 

Hey, Batter Batter! – Lizard Skins Goes to Bat over its Grip Tape Designs  

Pokémon Go Producers Attacked by Strange Plaintiff-Beasts 

NCAA In Tune with Dancing With the Stars 

Judge Swain: Discovery Necessary to Determine “Fair Use” of NBA Tattoos in Video Game 

Broadway Producers Offer to Perform “To Kill a Mockingbird” in Court to Prove Faithfulness to Novel 

Tour de Fraud? Lance Armstrong Settles FCA Claims Related to Doping Scandal 

ABKCO Music, Inc. v. William Sagan 

DJ Khaled Alcohol Endorsements Exposed, Says TINA 

House of Representatives Passes Music Modernization Act – Looking for Clarity on Mechanical Royalties, Pre-1972 Sound Recordings and Other Music Rights Issues

Winning the Gold: Why Venue Owners Need to Consider the Importance of Flexibility in Sponsorship Agreements