ICPC Procedures during the COVID-19 Crisis – Interstate Adoption

By Brinton Wright and Michele Smith

If you’re involved in an interstate adoption and need to comply with the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC), you should know how the COVID-19 crisis affected the procedure for submitting a request for approval of a placement to North Carolina ICPC.

North Carolina’s ICPC Administrative Assistant and ICPC Specialists are all working remotely while Governor Cooper’s Stay at Home Order remains in effect.  Accordingly, for now at least, do not send the ICPC request to the ICPC Office in Raleigh. There’s no one there!


  1. Send an email to ICPC Administrative Assistant Karen Kelly Karen.Kelly@dhhs.nc.gov telling her that you need to submit an ICPC request and asking her to reply to you via DHHS’s secured email, which is ZixSelect.
  2. Open your email from Ms. Kelly, which will require you to set up a password for Zix, if you don’t already have one.
  3. Via reply to Ms. Kelly’s secured email to you, send her a scan of your ICPC request (your ICPC transmittal letter, the ICPC Form 100A, and all supporting documents). There is a 10 Mb maximum file size, so you may have to submit your request in multiple parts by separate replies to Ms. Kelly.
  4. Ask Ms. Kelly to acknowledge receipt of your ICPC request.
  5. Consider sending a courtesy scan (or a hard copy, if required) of your ICPC request to the receiving state’s ICPC office. They’re probably working from home, too.

For more information about North Carolina ICPC, including contact information for individual ICPC Specialists, see http://icpcstatepages.org/northcarolina/info. ICPC information for other states is available at http://icpcstatepages.org/.