IC Update Regarding COVID-19 Response

By Eleasa Allen

Below is the most recent update from the Industrial Commission relative to COVID-19. This information was posted to the Industrial Commission website to address some questions received from attorneys about the current filing deadlines.

COVID-19 Response: Industrial Commission Filing Deadline Policy

The Industrial Commission has received some inquiries from attorneys regarding its current filing deadline policy. At this time, the Commission has not granted an automatic, blanket extension of filing deadlines for the following reasons:

  1. Parties may utilize the Industrial Commission’s Electronic Document Filing Portal (“EDFP”) to electronically file forms, responses, briefs, contentions, proposed opinions and awards/decisions and orders, proposed orders, and all other filings or documents to which a filing deadline applies. (Any attorney who is not registered to utilize EDFP but wishes to do so can find EDFP Registration Instructions by clicking here: www.ic.nc.gov/EDFPregistrationinstructions.pdf);
  2. The Industrial Commission continues to allow pro se plaintiffs and pro se non-insured employers to file all documents by facsimile, U.S. Mail, private courier service, or hand delivery; and
  3. Any party wishing to obtain an extension of a filing deadline for a reason related to COVID-19, or otherwise for good cause, may file a motion for an extension of time as allowed by applicable rules and statutes.

Please continue to monitor the “News and Announcement” Section of the Industrial Commission website for up-to-date information.