Greg Romeo: Clean, Clever, Custom Comedy

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Greg Romeo, Comedian
Saturday, June 22
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Greg Romeo is a corporate comedian, actor and entertainer from Winston-Salem He has performed in Mexico, New Mexico, Las Vegas, New York and just about everywhere in between. His widely varied client list includes IBM, Wake Forest University and the FBI to name a few. Romeo continues to build on his reputation for delivering clean, clever and creative customized comedy.

Q: Which is more stressful: Being a lawyer or being a comedian trying to entertain lawyers?

A: I’d say being a lawyer trying to entertain comedians is quite stressful. Was that one of the options? I was never good with multiple choice questions.

Q: Have you performed for legal professional groups before? How did it go?

A: I have performed for several law firms over the years in North Carolina and Minnesota. The shows always went well. No group has sued me yet.

Q: Your press materials describe you as “clean, clever and creative customized comedy.” What sort of research are you doing to prepare to customize this routine for legal professionals?

A: Don’t you love that alliteration! Anyway, I’m glad you asked as that reminds me, I better start preparing, or as I like to call it: Praeparet ad ostendendum. I plan to study the greatest television lawyer of all time, Barry Zuckerkorn (played by Henry Winkler) on “Arrested Development.” Also, I’ll be watching a lot of Judge Judy and suing several neighbors in small claims court.

Q: What’s your best lawyer joke?

A: A comedian walks into the N.C. Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in Asheville and … I forget the rest, but it’s very funny.