Good Resource on 160D

By Toby Coleman 

If you’re looking to learn more about new Chapter 160D of the North Carolina General Statutes (effective 2021), David Owens and Adam Lovelady with the UNC School of Government have created a good website that links to a number of resources on new Chapter 160D, including cross-over charts and an annotated version of 160D. Even if you attended presentations on 160D through the ZPLU section or the School of Government’s 160D Regional Workshops, this website provides useful information and resources that will be valuable as we head into the transition to 160D.

(For the uninitiated, new Chapter 160D will be the state’s new chapter on local zoning and development regulation starting in 2021. It consolidates and relocates the current statutes for local zoning and development regulations that are now located in Chapters 153A and 160A.)