From the Council – Section Committee Opportunities

By Sarah Kromer

Looking to become more involved in the NCBA Dispute Resolution Section? The following section committees are seeking contributors:

Communications/Website/Social Media Committee: Do you have special skills with social media, a communications degree you never got to use, or a secret interest in blogging? If so, the Communications Committee could use your help sharing ADR stories, cases, tips, and methods via short blog posts.  One or two anecdotal paragraphs (and a picture) go a long way. Please contact Ketan Soni ( with your ideas and interest in getting involved.

CLE Committee:  Each year our section hosts a six-hour CLE conference and annual meeting. (We hope you will join us for our annual conference this year at Pinehurst on March 12, 2020!) Come April, we will be ready to begin the process of organizing CLE topics and speakers for our next annual meeting, and the CLE Committee could use your help. If you enjoy event planning or have ideas for themes, topics, and speakers, please contact Deb Dilman ( to join the CLE Committee planning our 2021 event.

Membership Committee: Do you have a good network of attorneys, mediators, arbitrators, law students, and other legal professionals who would benefit from participation in the Dispute Resolution Section? Perhaps you have creative suggestions for outreach? If so, the Membership Committee has a place for you. This committee identifies potential new members and invites them to join the section and get involved.  Arty Bolick, the current chair of the Membership Committee, would love to hear from you. Please contact him at

Finally, the Dispute Resolution Section has a number of other active committees, including the Arbitration, Clerk Mediation, Collaborative Law, Ethics, Legislative, and Pro Bono Committees, among others. If you have an interest in joining any other section committee, please contact me at, and we’ll get you connected!