Elder Law Section CLE Scholarship Program Deadline 1/30

By Shirley Diefenbach 

NCBA Elder and Special Needs Law Section CLE Scholarship Program

The North Carolina Bar Association Elder and Special Needs Law Section (NCBA-EL) recognizes that, although the public perceives lawyers to be among the most affluent members of society, in fact many attorneys struggle to make ends meet, need to pay off large amounts of law school debt, or sometimes suffer from economic hardship due to the poor job market, disabilities or other factors. The NCBA-EL wants membership in, and services from, the Section to be available to attorneys regardless of their ability to pay. We understand that one of the greatest services available for members is the high quality continuing legal education sponsored by the NCBA Foundation. As a result, the NCBA-EL has established a Scholarship program for CLE program tuition for the Section’s 24th Annual Elder & Special Needs Law Symposium on February 20, 2020 and February 21, 2020.

What do the Scholarships cover?

The Scholarships will pay no more than 100% of the lowest NCBA member registration fee for the program (i.e. “the early bird rate” — other special discounts do not apply). A limited number of Scholarships are available. NCBA-EL CLE Scholarships will not exceed 12 credit hours and must be used within the NCBA-EL fiscal year awarded. We cannot grant Scholarships for any online programming. Once approved for a NCBA-EL CLE program Scholarship, you are required to attend the CLE program specified on your application unless the program has been cancelled. If you are unable to attend that CLE program, your Scholarship will be forfeited. You will be required to submit a new application for a different program. Expenses related to NCBA-EL sponsored social events, travel to and from the meeting, hotel stay and meals are the responsibility of the Scholarship recipient. Only a certain number of Scholarships per NCBA-EL CLE will be awarded.

Who is eligible for a Scholarship?

Consideration will be given to an applicant’s length of practice and percentage of practice that involves elder and special needs law. Any attorney member of the NCBA Elder and Special Needs Law Section is eligible to apply for CLE Scholarships. Non-member attorneys interested in CLE Scholarships are required to apply for membership in the Elder and Special Needs Law Section before or concurrently with submission of an application for CLE Scholarships. Scholarships are not available for affiliate member CLE tuition.

How do I apply for the Scholarship?

Please fill out the scholarship application form and forward it to Lauren Colvard, Sections Manager, North Carolina Bar Association at lcovard@ncbar.org.  Scholarship applications must be received no later than January 30, 2020. We will notify you within fifteen business days of the program whether or not you have been awarded a Scholarship. Incomplete applications received will be returned without review.

What about confidentiality?

Although the NCBA-EL may publicize the fact that Scholarships have been awarded, and the number of Scholarships so awarded, the individual identities of Scholarship applicants shall remain strictly confidential unless the recipient authorizes publication.

Questions? If you have questions about the NCBA Elder and Special Needs Law Scholarship program, please e-mail the Sections Manager, Lauren Colvard, at lcolvard@ncbar.org.