Coronavirus Updates and Resources for Parents and Students

By Jen Story

Update: Since this compilation of updates and resources was published last week, new guidance has been released by the US Department of Education and Governor Cooper has issued a second executive order extending school closures. Legal Aid staff are in communication with state officials about these changes and will have updated information and more practical tips posted to the website below by the end of this week or early next week.  Please continue to check back!

Legal Aid of North Carolina has put together a resource with summaries of Coronavirus updates related to students’ access to school. Specifically, we included updates and tips related to:

  1. school closures;
  2. educational access for students while schools are closed;
  3. educational access for special education students while schools are closed;
  4. student nutrition services while schools are closed;
  5. student privacy rights related to the COVID-19 outbreak;
  6. general federal and state resources; and
  7. miscellaneous resources for students and families.

Much of this is and will be in flux in the coming weeks, and so we plan to monitor things closely and will update the guide on an ongoing basis as we receive updated information. To that end, people should continue to check back for updated information.