Greetings and Welcome to the 2020-21 Bar Year

By Jay Teeter

Dear Colleagues:

I hope that this message finds you and yours safe and well.

Thank you for your membership in the NCBA’s Corporate Counsel Section—and also for the opportunity to serve as your Section Chair for the 2020-21 bar year.

While COVID-19 will no doubt present several challenges for our Section this year, I am honored to work alongside an exceptional team of council and committee chairs and members. Together with the NCBA’s dedicated staff, we pledge to continue providing first-rate programs and resources that will be valuable to you and your organizations.

One positive result of the pandemic I have noticed is that it has changed the ways we connect with each other (and I’m not thinking about videoconferencing). It seems that our interactions now more frequently begin or end with a genuine inquiry about others’ health and well-being, or an expression of concern or good wishes for others’ circumstances during a challenging time.

Perhaps paradoxically, our collective situation—while requiring physical distance—may have brought us all somewhat closer. If so, then I think this could be a true silver lining to COVID-19: It has reminded us that we are very much in this together. In this respect, I am confident that we will maintain—and even strengthen and build—our professional and personal connections despite the challenges we face.

If at any time you may be interested to further connect with or contribute to the Section, I hope that you will reach out directly to me ( We are always seeking volunteers to serve on our several fantastic committees and participate in our various activities.

I very much look forward to the year ahead—challenges and all—and to being in touch.

Best regards,

Jay Teeter

P.S. Please Save the Date for our Annual Meeting and CLE program, scheduled for Friday, January 22, 2021!