SLD Inaugural Blog Post: Annual Meeting Nov. 8-10, Pro Bono Project Details and More

Senior Lawyers Division Chair Erwin Fuller Jr.

Dear Senior Lawyer Division Members:

Welcome to Fall 2018 and a new SLD program year.  I hope that you all had a pleasant summer and that many of you have a special summer 2018 event memory.  I’m in that group since I had a BIG birthday in July and my children and grandchildren arranged a birthday celebration weekend for the whole Fuller family at Fontana Lake in western North Carolina in early August where I got to ride on a tube pulled by a power boat (with me hanging on for dear life) together with my youngest grandchild (7½)!

Our hearts are heavy as we think about the citizens of our state living in eastern North Carolina (many of whom are SLD members) who have suffered devastating damage and loss from Hurricane Florence winds and rainfall, and I know that SLD members who were spared this tragedy will be reaching out with financial and other assistance for storm victims in the coming weeks and months.

I am excited to tell you about the SLD 2018 Fall Meeting which will take place in Salisbury during the weekend of Nov. 8-10.  We are planning an interesting event which will combine a three-hour CLE video replay component on Friday morning, Nov. 9, three interesting and enlightening speakers (non-CLE) on Saturday morning, Nov. 10, a fine group of dining experiences plus visits to local sites on Friday and Saturday, and a celebration dinner at the Salisbury Country Club on Friday evening, Nov. 9, following a reception at the home of Glenn and Susan Ketner which is within sight of the celebration dinner venue.  To top things off, you will have a trolley transport opportunity as we move from place to place during that meeting. Click here for more details.

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