BarCARES Program Offers Help For Legal Professionals

By Mollie Schwam

One of the benefits of NCBA membership is access to BarCARES, a confidential, free service that provides referrals for counseling services. Members of local bars that subscribe to the program are also eligible. BarCARES offers participants up to three, no-cost sessions with counselors per year. If a participant wishes to have more counseling beyond that, a client can generally continue working with the same counselor using insurance benefits or other resources.

Studies have consistently shown that over the years that legal professionals have a high risk of substance abuse, depression, and suicide. BarCARES offers help with:

  • Personal issues including crisis intervention, depression and/or anxiety, substance abuse and financial concerns
  • Family issues including marriages and/or relationships, children and/or adolescents and parenting and/or family conflicts
  • Work issues, including professional stressors, case-related stress and conflict resolution
  • Stress and time management for students
  • Domestic violence

You can find BarCARES online at Or call with questions about BarCARES or access your free counseling sessions by calling the confidential assistance line, 800-640-0735, during normal business hours. You will either speak to the program coordinator or have the option to leave a confidential voicemail. After your initial phone call, the BarCARES Program Coordinator will arrange an initial session between you and a BarCARES provider.

Remember: The BarCARES program is completely confidential.