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Paralegal Spotlight On Rachel Royal

Q: Name, position title and/or major duties: A. Rachel Royal, paralegal for the attorney who represents the Wilmington City Police and Fire Departments and the attorney who handles all litigation and employment claims for the city. Royal also performs research and prepares presentations for proposals to city council for amendments to city ordinances. Q: Firm […]

When Should You Start Looking For a New Job?

By Nicole “Nikki” Green Imagine having  your dream job, where your management and team are amazing, you feel valued as an employee, and the perks and compensation are in line with what you think you are worth. Life is good … then, POP, your bubble bursts. You are suddenly informed that your firm is going […]

So, You Think You Want To Freelance?

By Morag A. Polaski The reactions I receive when I tell people that I am a freelance paralegal range from “that’s so cool” to “huh?” Many times, people don’t realize that paralegals can freelance. I recently heard a student in a paralegal program say, “I want to be a freelance paralegal.  How do I do […]

Tips For Returning To Work After an Absence

By Stephanie Durham-Rivera Whether returning to work after having kids, returning to work after the death of a loved one, or rejoining after a long hiatus; only you will know when you’re ready, willing, and able to join the workforce again. At times, the return to work can seem overwhelming. But with the proper strategies, […]

Paralegals In the Trademark Industry

By Matthew Schneller In my experience, trademark paralegals take up a larger proportion of the head count, draft a greater percentage of substantive work product, and tend to have more direct contact with clients than they do in any other practice group. Where many practices have large projects that take up most of an employee’s […]

Why Pro Bono?

By Rachel Royal The first time I heard the term “pro bono” was in the 2001 movie, “I Am Sam.” Sean Penn played a single father with a learning disability who was fighting to retain parental rights of his 7-year-old daughter, played by Dakota Fanning, after her mother abandoned them. The attorney who takes on […]