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Paralegals In the Trademark Industry

By Matthew Schneller In my experience, trademark paralegals take up a larger proportion of the head count, draft a greater percentage of substantive work product, and tend to have more direct contact with clients than they do in any other practice group. Where many practices have large projects that take up most of an employee’s […]

Why Pro Bono?

By Rachel Royal The first time I heard the term “pro bono” was in the 2001 movie, “I Am Sam.” Sean Penn played a single father with a learning disability who was fighting to retain parental rights of his 7-year-old daughter, played by Dakota Fanning, after her mother abandoned them. The attorney who takes on […]

Why I Joined the Paralegal Division Council

By Leslie Pegram I’ve sat down a few times to write this particular blog. My goal is to encourage fellow Paralegal Division members to submit a nomination to become a council member. However, every time I’ve started to write this blog post, the first two sentences have always sounded like a business pitch and felt […]

BarCARES Program Offers Help For Legal Professionals

By Mollie Schwam One of the benefits of NCBA membership is access to BarCARES, a confidential, free service that provides referrals for counseling services. Members of local bars that subscribe to the program are also eligible. BarCARES offers participants up to three, no-cost sessions with counselors per year. If a participant wishes to have more […]

Writing Professionally: Language, Punctuation and Tone

By Morag Polaski I am a self-confessed “word nerd.”  I love words. I love reading, and I read just about anything, including the dictionary.  But, sometimes I forget that not everybody finds the same enjoyment in words. And, I have been known to let my vocabulary get the better of me.  As paralegals, something we […]

Chair’s Comments

By Leslie Pegram Hello, 2019!  If 2018 was a great one for you, congratulations. If it was not so great, you survived. Congratulations to you, too.  (We’ve all been there.) I look forward to the beginning of a new year. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the prior year and set a positive path for […]

Research, Interviews and Unsolved Mysteries

By Rachel Royal As a child, I was obsessed with the show “Unsolved Mysteries.” As I watched an episode, I would imagine that I would one day solve it. Anyone who knew me well as a little girl,  would probably tell you that I was irritatingly inquisitive. However, I learned at some point that asking […]