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How Can We Help?

Afi S. Johnson-Parris Chair, NCBA Family Law Section The past few weeks have been surreal. With the rising crisis of COVID-19, we’ve had to adapt and change every plan we’ve had for the Family Law Section, our annual meeting, our CLE, and much of the business of the Association. We face the very real possibility […]

What Language Does Your Law Firm Speak?

By Chelsea Gajewski One of the beautiful things about this Country is all of the unique individuals who live in it. While the most common language in America is English, there are individuals who speak other languages who need our services as family law attorneys. We want the family law community to be as accessible […]

Notarization During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Lori Linfante and Pam Deeds Stewart The COVID-19 crisis has not affected the Notary law in North Carolina. However, the NC Secretary of State’s Office has issued guidance on how to comply with the in-person appearance requirements in this time of practicing social distancing. Some steps that can be taken to reduce exposure to the […]

Tribute to Bill Drew

By Jennifer Tharrington  Since 2018, the Family Law Section has partnered with the Estate Planning and Fiduciary Law Section on a joint task force to review and amend the Uniform Parentage Act for presentation to the North Carolina legislature. This post is a tribute to a founding member of that task force, William (Bill) Drew, […]

4ALL Statewide Service Day

By Larissa Mañón Mervin  4ALL Statewide Service Day — Have Fun with Your Peers and Experience the Rewards of Serving Together Hi Family Law Section Members! We’ve circled back around to the time of year where we all get to participate in the 4ALL Statewide Service Day. This year, the 4ALL Statewide Service Day will […]

Case Updates – ED and Life Insurance

By Ketan P. Soni Crago v. Crago – Mecklenburg County During the parties’ marriage, they both liquidated 401(k) accounts and pension plans due to unemployment.  Husband went back to work, and Wife enrolled in school. A few years later, the parties opened up a joint account where both Husband and Wife would draw money, and […]