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Message from the Chair

By Clara Cottrell  I am writing this from my kitchen table—probably where a lot of you are reading this whether you are on your laptop or your phone! My kids just tumbled back in through the door (outside time is over, free time [aka device time] has started), and I am wishing I could go […]

Message from the Chair of the NCBA Business Law Section

The Corporate Counsel section would like to share the following post from our Business Law Section colleagues. By Ben Baldwin Chair of the NCBA Business Law Section  Dear Members of the Business Law Section: Yesterday (Wednesday April 1, 2020) Governor Roy Cooper issued Executive Order 125 (“Authorizing and Encouraging Remote Shareholder Meetings During the COVID-19 […]

Fight Hunger, Help Others in the COVID-19 Pandemic – Participate in the Legal Feeding Frenzy and Support Your Local Food Bank!

By Will Quick Chair, Litigation Section Pro Bono Committee Our section membership has a strong tradition of supporting and participating in pro bono and community service activities—both those planned and sponsored by the NCBA and those that you undertake on your own or with other organizations. We are in unprecedented times with COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and […]

Tracking Privacy: State Developments to Keep an Eye On

By Erin Jane Illman, Rachel M. LaBruyere and Alicia N. Netterville We are into the new year, and we’ve already seen several states introduce comprehensive privacy legislation on the heels of California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). It is no easy task to stay on top of (potentially) 50 different privacy requirements, each with differing applicability […]

How’s Your Relationship (with Outside Counsel)?

By Jane Paksoy It’s the start of a new year and a new decade. Perhaps you’ve reflected on the time leading up to 2020 and have made some resolutions to better yourself in the new year. Maybe you want to better your relationships with your family, friends, colleagues, or yourself. But what about your outside […]

A Rhyming Reminder For Which you are Wiser . . .

By Josh McIntyre Good tidings I bring from the NCBA, For Corporate Counsel dues you no longer pay! They’re included in your basic membership fee, Along with 12 hours of On Demand CLE. Covering ethics, substance abuse and technology training, We have it all so there’s no need for complaining. And if in other practices […]

Welcome To a New Bar Year

By Clara Cottrell Dear Members of the Corporate Counsel Section: It is my privilege to serve as the chair of the Corporate Counsel Section during the 2019-2020 bar year.  The Section has an outstanding group acting on your behalf as officers, council members, and committee chairs.  I encourage you to see who they are on […]

International GC Panel In Durham April 10

By Clara Cottrell It is a time for exciting new beginnings, but it is also when new laws and regulations go into effect.  What if you had to take into account laws and regulations around the globe?  Whether it is privacy, employment, or something else entirely, the global regulatory landscape is as varied as the […]

Jan. 25 Is the Date For Section CLE and Annual Meeting

We are less than one week away from the Corporate Counsel Section’s CLE and Annual Meeting.  Kicking off our agenda will be our general counsel roundtable, which will speak to our theme “Taking Care of Business: How Good Lawyers Become Great Business Partners” from a leadership perspective. Join us Friday, Jan. 25 at the Bar […]