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Q&A With Fastcase CEO Ed Walters

By Catherine Sanders Reach NCBA members have access to Fastcase, a robust 50-state legal research database, as a membership benefit. Soon Fastcase will be rolling out a new default version to all members. Fastcase 7 brings all sorts of new features and upgrades. We sat down with Ed Walters, CEO and co-founder of Fastcase, to […]


Consider Texting with Clients

By Catherine Sanders Reach Many attorneys react to the thought of texting with clients with a solid “no way!” However, attorneys are feeling the pressure to text with clients since texting is a normal communication tool for most everyone these days. Clients in certain industries, such as construction, prefer texting because they are literally in […]


Basic Security Best Practices for Law Firms

By Catherine Sanders Reach “Reasonable efforts” to ensure confidentiality of client information is fact-specific. In North Carolina RPC 1.6 Comment 19 suggests that a lawyer should examine the sensitivity of the information, the risk of disclosure without additional precautions, the cost of extra measures, the difficulty of adding safeguards, and whether more safeguards adversely affect […]


How To Track Time With a Tomato

By Catherine Sanders Reach Tracking time is the bane of many lawyers’ existence. Few would agree it is an exercise they enjoy. While some excel at it, many factors, including attempting to multitask and daily distractions make accurate time tracking difficult, overwhelming and sometimes loathsome. How can a tomato help you make tracking time easier?


Fact Gathering and Analysis: Business Research Resources

By Catherine Sanders Reach Finding information about companies, such as financials, principles, employees, valuation, competitors, credit and financial health for publicly traded companies is possible if you don’t mind digging through SEC filings. For nonprofits, religious institutions and privately held companies it requires even more digging, and the information is not always easily available. Whether […]


When the Cloud Is Down

By Catherine Sanders Reach Law firms have adopted many “cloud” or SaaS (software as a Service) products for practice and case management, document storage, online backup, their office suite and more. NC State Bar Council 2011 Formal Opinion 6 outlines considerations law firms should make when evaluating cloud products. While the opinion does not set forth specific […]


Better Search for Your Computer

By Catherine Sanders Reach A full text search engine will increase the efficiency of a simple DIY file management system and there are a number of fairly low cost tools available. Increasingly a law firm’s information is spread out on hard drives, cloud servers, local servers, external drives and elsewhere. Those with Windows 10 operating […]