Articles of Interest: Cyberattack Suit, Horse Race Announcer’s Claim, Sponsorship Of Women’s Sports

Members of the Sports & Entertainment Law Section found the following recent third party articles to be of potential interest to the Section:

March Madness! Court Dismisses Lawsuit Over Massive Cyberattack After Basketball Game Loss – Higgins v. Kentucky Sports Radio

Horse Race Announcer Sues Over Bill Murray Film That Included His Trademarked Tagline

Sponsorship of women’s sport – the time is now

New center to train sports law lawyers, promote interdisciplinary research

Duke says it is ‘looking into’ lawyer Michael Avenatti’s claims Nike paid Zion Williamson’s mother

NCAA Considers Restrictions To Curtail Use Of Graduate Student Transfers

Trump Campaign Uses ‘Dark Knight’ Music In Campaign Ad, Warner Bros. Says It’s Looking At Legal Options

Dallas Mavericks Fail To Get Trademark For Its Star Player’s Nickname