And Now For Something Completely Different … About CLE Titles

By Catherine Peglow

Have you ever wondered how our CLE programs get their names?

“The Alimony Tour – Not Starring John Cleese” was the name of the 2015 Family Law Section Annual Meeting CLE in Asheville. Now, I’m a Monty Python fan, but a clever name like that can present some problems when you consider the life cycle of a typical North Carolina Bar Association Foundation CLE program. After the live program, we generally do video replays across the state, and those video replays count as live CLE credit. After the replays finish, the program is edited into sessions and uploaded to our On Demand catalog. When you view those sessions online from the convenience of your home or office, they count as online CLE credit.

It’s at that point that an unusual name could become an issue because someone looking to find our family law programs online might not type alimony specifically (or John Cleese) into her online search. The online sessions are also organized by the name of the presentation as reflected in the original program agenda. Since you, our members, typically select the names of the sessions and the programs as a whole, we are asking that you keep the online search ability in mind when selecting a name for a CLE program and the individual presentations within it. We appreciate the enthusiasm and creativity of our members, so I admit that this is a bit of a strange request. As our On Demand catalog continues to grow in popularity, however, it will make the programs easier to find online. Also, keep in mind that if you are a speaker, panelist or moderator at one of our programs, your presentation continues in the On Demand catalog as a promotion of your work and firm.

As we gear up for another year of CLE programs, we look forward to working with you at programs across the state. First up is the Family Law Section fall program. As with all Family Law Section CLE programs, they are meticulously planned with great speakers from across the state.  Plus, the family lawyers have a lot of fun. So, consider joining them in downtown Greensboro on Friday, Sept. 16 for their fall program.