Acclaim For NCBA CLE Publication ‘How To Try Your Case Like a Professional’

N.C.Bar Association, May 2016, 75 pages, $40 for members/$45 for nonmembers

Congratulations to NCBA member Christopher Parrish and NCBA CLE Publications Coordinator Laura Bonfiglio for nabbing an ACLEA Outstanding Achievement in Publications award with the book “How to Try Your Case Like a Professional: Tips & Procedures for the ‘Relatively’ New Trial Lawyer”!

The Association for Continuing Legal Education will honor their efforts on the book, authored by Parrish and edited by Bonfiglio, at its annual conference this week. The book aims to help litigators get familiar with the procedures and expectations of a real-world courtroom.

Among the many tips included:

  • Don’t get on the jury’s nerves; filter your objections.
  • Don’t get into a verbal altercation with an expert. You will lose.
  • Don’t bore the jury.

Parrish, an Assistant District Attorney in Guilford County, North Carolina, presents a balanced perspective that makes his book a great resource for both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ counsel.

As he writes in the book’s forward: “… Being a professional goes beyond just knowing the law and the rules of evidence. It also is having the ability to work well with the other professionals within the courtroom work group — other players in the trial. Having knowledge and professionalism to try a case with rules of evidence and proper procedures is just a start; such skills must also extend to the courtroom work group, including the judge, bailiff, court reporter, clerk and all others involved. They can help you when you miss something, like a  ignature, or when you forget evidence stickers; they can also help keep you looking good in front of jury. However, if you have not been professional with them, then they may look the other way and let you take your medicine in front of everyone.”

Kate Leahy, Assistant Director of Continuing Legal Education at North Carolina Bar Association, will accept the award on behalf of her colleague on Tuesday at the ACLEA event in Montreal.