A Rhyming Reminder For Which you are Wiser . . .

By Josh McIntyre

Good tidings I bring from the NCBA,
For Corporate Counsel dues you no longer pay!

They’re included in your basic membership fee,
Along with 12 hours of On Demand CLE.

Covering ethics, substance abuse and technology training,
We have it all so there’s no need for complaining.

And if in other practices you’re feeling a bit flirty,
You can add another section, of which there are 30.

For a price so good it won’t try your luck
(at least not like driving a huge Volvo truck),
Each additional section is just thirty-six bucks!

And from socials to networking to the Annual Meeting…
Is the ACC even really competing?!

A larger connection to the profession provided,
GCs of NC under one banner united.

Plus don’t forget about Member Discounts,
Providing company savings or a vacation bounce.

Prices so great it’s practically a steal,
Especially the popular Entertainment Deals.

So from all of us here at the NCBA,
We hope you utilize your benefits every day.

Thank you for being a Corporate Counsel Member,
And please have a joyful and merry December!