A Practice Management Expert’s Top Gift Ideas for Techies

By Joyce Brafford

Tech gurus know that nothing pleases a fellow techie like a new gadget for the holidays. Here are my top five picks for the techies you love. Although, you just may keep a few for yourself.

For the Cord Cutter: Mohu Releaf 30, $29.99

This is a wonderful gift for anyone who has, or is thinking about, ditching the cable box. Mohu has a variety of products, but the Releaf is a great place to start your shopping. Built from recycled cable boxes and with a range of 30 miles, it’s a gift that will allow the recipient to cut the cable cord, cut their monthly utilities and stay in touch with local news and events.  http://releaf.gomohu.com/

For the Traveler: Bluesmart One, $449

Any frequent traveler can tell you that there are a few hurdles with every trip: bag weight, dead cell phone batteries, and getting through security quickly with all those digital devices. Thankfully, the Bluesmart One super suitcase has all the answers. Features include a built-in scale, a battery charger, a remote lock, an easy access compartment for your laptop, weather resistant hard-shell and a location tracker that works even if you’re in a different time zone. It’s a little pricey, but it’s a fantastic gift for anyone who travels more than a few times a year.  http://www.bluesmart.com/one

For the Thrill Seeker: Aerix VIDUIS HD Drone, $95

Virtual reality flying has advanced well past flight simulators. With two modes, video streamed to your phone, or an immersive experience using Google Aerix VR Goggles, you can experience flight using live, first person, high definition video. Take to the skies and go crazy performing wild stunts in your very own HD camera drone. Small enough, and so reasonably priced, that almost anyone can become a sport-drone enthusiast. https://aerixdrones.com/products/aerix-vidius-hd-the-worlds-smallest-live-streaming-hd-video-drone

For the Smart Home Newbie: Amazon Echo Dot, $49.99

If your loved ones are ready to make their houses more intelligent, the Echo Dot is an excellent introduction to voice-activated smart-home devices. Place orders, set alarms, read the news, play music and more. It’s completely hands free, and getting great reviews. http://tinyurl.com/hhrqusm

For the Environmentalist: WeMo Insight Switch, $49

This Wi-Fi enabled power outlet allows users to remotely turn on or off any appliance. It also lets you monitor electricity usage, effectively seeing which devices are phantom energy users. Wemo uses your home Wi-Fi to power devices up or down, send you notifications and program usage rules. Monitor any Wemo device from your mobile phone while you’re away. With connectivity to Nest, and the ability to remotely shut off any Wemo device, this little gadget is a great solution for energy-savers, smart-home users, and parents who want to monitor how much TV their kids are watching.  http://www.belkin.com/us/F7C029-Belkin/p/P-F7C029;jsessionid=B2BB799AC365AB9E6E2619FCEABE6F76/