A Fond Farewell To Allan Head

By Annette Phelps

As 2016 came to a close, there were many things and people for which we could be thankful. Our former Executive Director Allan B. Head is one of those people.

One thing that was probably on most of the NCBA members’ minds as the year ended was the retirement of Mr. Head. He has been one of the Paralegal Division’s biggest supporters.  With all of his many duties over the years he somehow found time to check in on our meetings and engage with the paralegals at various events. Mr. Head always wanted us to know that our division was important to the NCBA and he made sure he let each of us know that any chance he got. When interacting with Mr. Head, he had a way of making you feel like you were the most important person at that moment in time; that is a rare quality and a sign of a true gentleman.

His kind and caring nature has touched each and every one of us. For me personally his signature “tiger tough” attitude has given me strength when things have been tough. People like Allan B. Head make us proud to be a part of the legal profession and the NCBA. It was with heavy hearts that we all said goodbye to Mr. Head at the end of last year but with a joyous spirit we wholeheartedly thank him for all the dedicated years of helping our Paralegal Division grow and become what it is today.