ABCs of Criminal Court CLE Scheduled for March 15

Nuances and complexities abound in criminal and traffic law. The simplest of cases may have unfathomable consequences to your client’s finances, employment opportunities, even their freedom.  A CLE that glosses over the basics is not enough. A CLE that offers an in-depth look at obscure subject matter is not sufficient. Get ahead on your 2019 CLEs by taking the “ABCs of Criminal Court” – the one CLE that elevates both new and experienced attorneys to higher levels of expertise in criminal and traffic law.

Find details and register for the “ABCs of Criminal Court,” scheduled for Friday, March 15 live at the NC Bar Center in Cary and via webcast.

Courts, clients, and opposing counsel all demand a level of competence that requires mastering the details. Time plus an overwhelming plethora of statutes, caselaw, and practice traditions force today’s attorneys to take shortcuts, and perhaps get involved in matters too quickly. No criminal practitioner can easily absorb and remember even the “big picture” of the criminal statutes, let alone the detailed nuances that an individual’s liberty and life demand.

This CLE aims to simplify and present information that has immediate, real-world application. Coupled with the release of  “The ABCs of Criminal Court, Second Edition,” which is provided to each registrant, attorneys will leave with confidence in their ability to navigate misdemeanors, felonies, probation violations, expunctions, DWIs, and traffic tickets.

The new book will appeal to every North Carolina attorney who practices or even dabbles in criminal law. It is a one-stop book, covering all the basics and important details, accessible and essential for both the novice and the expert. Veteran attorneys will be impressed with the up-to-date knowledge, newly sourced in this second edition, and new attorneys will be captivated by the complete, all-in-one reference source so easily found when needed. Thousands of pages could be read and hundreds of dollars could be spent to obtain this same information. The “ABCs of Criminal Court captures all that material, giving you a foundation that will grow your confidence and practice to its full potential.

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